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Metering Point from A to Z

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Acteno energy is your full service measuring point operator for simple and complex measurement requirements in the area of ​​billing-relevant measurements according to §3 MsbG (formerly EnWG 21b). In conjunction with acteno energy performance management, our customers receive a powerful tool to keep an overview of all energy data.


Independent & nationwide according to § 3 MsbG (formerly § 21b EnWG) for trade, industry, generation plant operators, housing industry and all those who want to know more about their energy.


The simple entry/extension of energy management, geared to the requirements of the new energy industry. acteno energy performance management implemented together with powerful partners.

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Know at all times what, when and where is being consumed. Energy productivity, cost and consumption control can only work if high-resolution measurement data is collected continuously and permanently. With the service package, acteno energy offers a complete solution for measuring point operation and measurement services.


Commissioning of acteno energy to implement the measuring point operation and the measuring service


We install our intelligent measurement system at all your locations as power measurement (rLM) or standard load profile (SLP)


You use our acteno energy performance management (epm) and understand your energy


There is no charge to the network operator for metering point operation and metering services


You get full control over your energy

Your advantages with acteno

In combination with acteno energy performance management, you receive a powerful tool for overviewing and evaluating all measurement systems across organizations.

  • Measuring point operation and measuring services nationwide
  • Provision of measurement & Communication technology based on economical solutions
  • Creating energy performance with acteno energy performance management
  • A central contact person and a uniform data format
  • Reduction of energy and network usage costs
  • Independent of suppliers and network operators
  • Measurement of purchase and delivery
  • Load profile and reactive current analysis
  • All energy data at a glance
  • Visualization and reports for your own use or to support EEG reduction/exemption
  • Control and security over the planned energy budget
  • Export to third-party systems (e.g. as XLS, CSV, XML)
  • Notification of critical events
  • Individual project implementation
  • Aggregation, balancing
  • Load management
  • Benchmarking
  • Forecasts

With the opening of metering for electricity and gas, the areas of metering point operation and measurement were completely liberalized. This means that customers (commercial, private, public) can freely choose a measuring point operator and measuring service provider. acteno energy is a measuring point operator and offers independent measuring point operation for industrial and commercial customers.

acteno energy’s measuring point operation is carried out independently nationwide for industry, commerce and EEG customers. Acteno energy replaces the network operator’s previous measuring point operation.
  • Independent of network operators
  • Independent of suppliers


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