Replace energy as an overhead cost factor

A structured energy controlling allows a clear allocation of costs and expenses to individual organizational units, products and products. In addition to the allocation of costs and expenses, energy controlling supports the verification of invoices, their documentation and the allocation to individual contracts.


Are energy invoices checked on the basis of consumption and load profiles in the respective network areas? Are peak loads billed correctly and have they been billed correctly? Are energy efficiency indicators taken into account when making investment decisions?

Full control with a qualified invoice audit

Invoicing is becoming increasingly complex with new legal requirements and demands clear structures.

Invoice auditing brings together information on invoicing, purchase quantities and the underlying contracts in such a way that it is clear whether the invoicing is correct or still needs to be corrected.
For this purpose, all price components (including network usage fees, concession fees, power prices, EEG apportionments) are compared with the supplier’s stored invoice.

Contract management

If different contracts have to be maintained for different locations and points of delivery, this can now be simplified as part of the acteno energy performance management system. Deadlines are not forgotten and documents can be quickly assigned.

Cross-organizational control

Keep track of all energy data, contracts, points of delivery and other energy-relevant data. With the comprehensive authorization concept, data records can be assigned to individual groups and persons. This creates a central platform for having energy-relevant data and information available at all times. Integration and integration of third-party systems is possible via interfaces.