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Industry & Trade

Energy is a significant cost and effort factor for commercial customers, medium-sized companies and industry, which must be controlled and optimized. acteno energy creates transparency for companies with the help of energy data management, in order to continuously and permanently reduce energy-related costs and efforts.

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With easy-to-use analysis options, you can identify the energy quality of your sites, facilities and processes and reduce your own administrative effort.

Are you responsible for a large number of properties and want to compare the energy quality of the individual properties with each other, plan efficiency measures and optimize them permanently? With Performance Management, the collected measurement data is brought into relation with your key figures. For example, statements can be made about how high the base load and electricity consumption per m² are.

Contract management

Did you know that about 9% of all billings are incorrect?

With contract management, you get the opportunity to check for yourself whether your last billing was correct. You have an overview of all contracts and deadlines at all times, so you’ll never miss a cancellation deadline again.