Energy Solutions 4.0


Our services at a Glance

Acteno energy GmbH implemented integrated solutions for industrial and commercial customers, in order to actively manage energy. Our focus is on optimizing the use and production of energy from a customer perspective.

Our goal: Increasing your energy supply and quality of your energy productivity

We will carry out your energy data and your business data into a single system. This is a comprehensive energy performance management possible. The entry we enable with our intelligent and independent metering point operation.

In your organization you would like to have the full transparency how and where energy costs and expenses made up? With the Acteno energy performance management, linked with the independent Metering point operation we give you a clear view of your energy and make you ready to be a part of the smart grid.

Metering point operation


Only what is measured can be managed.

The entry with Acteno energy into the smart grid and forms the independent and network-wide operation of metering points. This replaces the Acteno energy nationwide today’s meter at them (this was usually operated by the network operator or the city works).

The Metering point operation Acteno energy takes over here and the attested measuring service, which these services will no longer be charged the distribution grid.

Based on the Metering point operation Acteno you will receive access to the energy performance management which at any time you have access to your energy data. This forms the basis for future Smart Grid applications.

With the opening of the metrology for electricity and gas are among other things, according to EnWG § 21b a complete liberalization of the areas Metering point operation and measurement. This enables customers (commercial, private, public ) to pick a meter operator and metering service provider .

We are your solution provider for the independent and nationwide metering point operation including associated measurement service.

Energy productivity, cost and consumption monitoring can only work if measurement data in high resolution are collected continuously and permanently.

Energy performance management

Know what happens

With the Acteno energy performance management is the energy situation in the organization become transparent. This energy data, efficiency measures, controlling, reporting, energy procurement and Feed-in are all integrated in one system.

Our services are set up, in which we all industries for the following segments have provided for special solutions, if you need something specific, please talk to us.