Acteno energy performance management

Make more of your energy


Initial Situation

How can costs and expenses for energy be reduced? What are the opportunities and risks in increasingly volatile energy markets? These are complex questions which companies must address today and in the future.

Acteno energy offers a reduction in complexity and answers to these questions.

We support companies, property operators and public institutions managing their energy actively.

Your Move to Acteno!!

By switching to acteno energy, our customers get a single point of contact for all efficiency applications that help to continuously and permanently reduce energy-related consumption, costs and effort. These applications allow our customers to gain transparency about their energy situation, independent of suppliers and network operators across the boundaries of individual networks.

Focused on industrial and commercial customers, we operate independently in the energy market, work across networks without conflicts of interest, and offer our customers answers to how they can secure their energy supply economically and sustainably.

These services make us an indispensable link in an increasingly volatile and complex energy market.