A wind farm rarely comes alone.

Demarcation Post EEG, PPA, operator, redispatch

Measurement at all voltage levels

  • Low voltage to extra-high voltage
  • System measurements
  • Switch panels
  • Substations


Renewable energies

As an operator of renewable energy generation plants, you are at the forefront of a rapidly developing market. Our mission is to support you in this dynamic landscape with tailor-made solutions and comprehensive expertise.


Our services in details:


Specialized metering point operation:

We guarantee professional metering point operation in accordance with EnWG/MsBG for all types of systems, at all voltage levels and grid types.


Comprehensive takeover of billing-relevant processes:

We handle metering point operation for main measurements to the grid operator and ensure precise measurements in switchgear and individual installations.


Innovative planning and operation:

Our expertise includes the planning, installation, expansion and operation of sophisticated metering concepts, integrated into our advanced HybridNet platform.

Centralization, simplification, comprehensive digitalization:

A single point of contact and a central data source for all your measurement data across all systems and locations.

We integrate your energy data into your operational management / trading systems via open interfaces.

Local load management can also be integrated via open interfaces to common systems using MODBUS, MQTT, OPC-UA. DLMS or IEC.


Reporting, regulated verification obligations, benchmarking

The implementation of various regulated verification obligations such as the reporting of electricity tax, the delimitation of third-party consumption or the benchmarking of your systems is an integral part of our solution.


Security for the future:

Rely on future-proof technology and services that keep pace with market requirements and developments.

With our support, you can rest assured that your systems will not only be operated efficiently, but also sustainably and in a future-proof manner. We are more than just a service provider – we are your partner on the way to a greener, more efficient and more profitable energy future.

Your benefits with our support: