With the energy monitoring you get a comprehensive view of your energy data. This spans from load curves to various network quality parameters, which are captured as part of the point metering operation.

Acteno energy provides centrally prepared data for your business and takes care of all the needs of data transmission, processing and validation. With the energy monitoring you not only get a view of individual characteristics, but also the possibility to juxtapose different values, and to have the program display statistics, tendencies and durability hydrographs.


The load curve analysis allowes a detailed insight into time-related energy consumption. By assigning it to assets, operation intervals and processes, potientials for increasing efficiency will arise. Load curve analyses also support procurement optimization. The various tools in use are:

Selection of various time series, properties and units

Collected energy data can be displayed in user-defined time periods , and the user is free to select any sites or individual units. For temporal juxtaposition daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly views can be created. An additional subdivision to certain weekdays is possible at any time.

In addition to the view of individual views, it is possible arbitrarily zoom in precisely on individual characteristics and zoom out.

In addition to the individual views, it is possible to zoom in and out on desired characteristics.


Statistics such as Baseload , minimum, maximum , average , own consumption share , are available prepared on demand for one or more sites. For more detailed analysis, statistics it can also be assigned on the level of individual facilities.


Being informed of unforeseen results in a timely manner is part of monitoring. Thus, significant deviations can be detected immediately instead of being informed only with the receipt of the billing of the energy quantities. Individual users and groups can be defined for each type and for each location. Users can define threshold values themselves or are automatically informed in the event of predefined events.

The areas of application for the alarming include: