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The relevant information for our market partners network operators & published by suppliers. If you require additional information, please contact us using the information in our contact data sheet (see Excel or PDF)

We would like to ask you to send us your formula documentation via email to  send. You can find a suggestion on how this formula structure can be documented on this page

Adjustments in MAKO 2020

With effect from December 1st, 2019, the new market processes in accordance with MAKO 2020 – in accordance with the provisions of BNETZA “BK6-18-032” will come into force.

It is important, among other things, that we as a competitive measuring point operator (wMSB) will not only forward the measurement data to you as the network operator in the future, but will also send all values in a star format to the supplier, direct marketer and, if necessary, transmission network operator.

In the current detailed concept from BDEW, a transition to the wMSB is planned for all corresponding market locations between December 1st, 2019 and February 1st, 2020.

We would like to point out the following two issues

  1. Assignment date wMSBOne

    We propose to assign the wMSB uniformly by February 1st, 2020 – we will then distribute the measured values to the other market partners as wMSB. This means that all partners have more time to prepare their systems for the change.

  2. Handling of complex measurements

    Since we may be responsible for your market locations with a complex formula structure, a joint agreement on the formula structure is necessary.

Service – ESA data provision

From now on, we offer you the provision of measurement data in accordance with the market role “energy service provider” for registered load profile data measurement (RLM)* and intelligent measuring systems (iMSys) in EDIFACT format.

Before providing data, please send an e-mail to – we will send you all the necessary documents.

The following prices apply:

Type of additional service

Price (in € netto)

Price (in € brutto)

Provision of metering data per day and per line* per metering location, market location or tranche for RLM and iMSys

6,85 ct

8,15 ct

One-off set-up fee per energy service provider

100 €

119 €

Additional individual implementations – e.g. formula constructs, AS4 connection tests or energy industry consulting services – are invoiced on the basis of hourly rates. Hourly rate of 145.00 euros per hour or part thereof.

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