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Rising energy costs, more complex billing, higher fluctuation of space and more complex processes in the housing industry require new solutions for dealing with energy. Set new standards for energy efficiency and sustainability while reducing your own administrative overhead. This is especially true for metering and billing individual units or parties. Keep an eye on shared electricity consumption (basement, stairwell, elevator, etc.) and identify unusual energy consumption in time so that you can take action to correct the cause if necessary.

What we offer

Smart Metering:

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With our solution for the housing industry, you have all energy information at a glance. Do you want to know on a key date which consumption can be assigned to a specific unit, how high consumption was compared to previous years or how the energy consumption of a location is made up? With our software solution, acteno energy performance management for the housing industry, these questions can be answered with just a few clicks in our web portal.

Analysis Options

With easy-to-use analysis options, you as a manager, operator, owner or cooperative can see at any time how the energy quality of your properties is doing. Furthermore, your own administrative effort is reduced.

Benefit Analysis:

Renovation & refurbishmentWell planned and executed refurbishment and renovation measures contribute decisively to the attractiveness and energetic quality of a property. With the S&R module, as part of acteno energy performance management, you permanently document your measures. You assign them to your properties and measured values.