We can not predict the future of our energy, we have to create it by ourselves

– Wolfgang Krauss Founder & Managing Director


A holistic view of energy with acteno

The course for the energy supply of the future is already being set today. The volatile energy market poses new challenges for customers, suppliers, network operators and feeders. These challenges are due to new technologies, regulatory requirements and the increased cost pressure on the electricity and gas markets. In this context, new market roles are defined, which depend on a steadily increasing integration of processes and IT systems. acteno energy is a team of practitioners, entrepreneurs and scientists, which provides comprehensive and targeted consulting services independently on the level of IT and metering systems, market partners and end customers.

We at acteno are already working on the solutions for future energy networks & energy markets. One of our tasks is to collect and analyze energy data in real time. Because energy productivity, cost and consumption control can only work if measurement data is continuously collected in high resolution.

As the acteno energy team, we are committed to ensuring the sustainable, safe and economical use of energy for our customers. Only in this way can companies take advantage of the high dynamics of the energy markets to strengthen their competitiveness and actively tap the opportunities of the energy transition for themselves on a local, regional and global level. Our customers include private and public sector companies with significant energy requirements, in particular chain stores, industry, commerce and the housing sector. Here we see the opportunity to create more transparency through analysis options in order to replace energy as a cost factor. Furthermore, we support EEG plant operators, feeders and grid operators in maintaining their plants competitively.

The acteno energy performance management, which is developed by our team, supports the operational and technical energy management of companies of all size and provides an answer to the following questions:

With acteno energy you have a direct, competent and independent partner for all your energy management requirements.