Measurement in compliance with calibration law


Certified Measurement – EEG / KWKG / Electricity Tax

Measure in compliance with calibration law

Whenever electricity is used for billing purposes, special attention to measurement and calibration law is required. This also applies when companies need to differentiate their own consumption and generation for purposes such as network usage billing, EEG, KWKG, or electricity tax.

Even if you operate self-generation on your premises and additionally supply third parties such as tenants and suppliers, it is all the more important to ensure compliant measurement.

But how can a measurement concept with associated measurement infrastructure be implemented cost-effectively, compliant with regulations, and adaptable to changing legal frameworks in complex areas?

acteno is your service provider for realizing comprehensive measurement concepts, built on standard solutions that also address your individual needs.

Switch now

  1. Commission acteno energy to implement the metering operation
  2. We install our metering system at all your locations in the versions, three-point (DPA), DIN rail, 19″ slot
  3. The data is continuously collected by acteno and provided across locations
  4. You gain full control over your energy
  5. Ensure compliance with legal and economic obligations in the area of billing and documentation

Our Services

With the opening of metering for electricity and gas in 2011, there was a complete liberalization of the areas of metering operation and measurement. This means that customers (commercial, private, public) have the freedom to choose a metering operator and metering service provider.

acteno energy is a metering operator and metering service provider according to §3 MsbG. acteno energy offers independent metering operation for industrial and commercial customers.

  • Metering operation and metering services nationwide
  • Provision of metering and communication technology based on economic solutions
  • Independent of suppliers and network operators
  • A central point of contact and a uniform data format
  • Creating energy performance with acteno energy performance management 



Metering Operation

acteno energy’s metering operation is implemented nationwide independently for industry, commerce, and EEG customers. Here, acteno energy replaces the previous metering operation of the network operator.

  • Independent of network operators
  • Independent of suppliers
  • Implementation of your individual metering concepts
  • Purchase / lease of metering and communication technology
  • Coordination with your auditor & tax consultant for the legally compliant technical design of measurement technology, transformer
  • Involvement of the measurement and calibration authorities of the federal states

Your Benefits

In combination with the acteno energy performance management, you get a powerful tool to monitor and evaluate all metering systems across organizations.

  • Overview of all energy data
  • Reduction of energy and network usage costs
  • Load profile and reactive power analysis
  • Control and security over planned energy budget
  • Visualization and reports for internal use or support for EEG reduction / exemption
  • Benchmarking
  • Notification of critical events
  • Export to third-party systems (e.g., XLS, CSV, XML)
  • Integration into your energy / charging / load management systems
  • Comprehensive integration via open interfaces: ModBus, MBUS, BACNET, OPC-UA, JSON, API, REST, SOAP
  • Load management
  • Aggregation, balancing
  • Forecasts
  • Individual project implementation
  • Measurement of consumption and supply
  • Design and installation of transducers and other metering peripherals

Supplementary information on the state calibration authorities: