Acteno energy performance

The Acteno energy performance management supports operational and technical energy management in organizations of any size.

With a completely web-based and multitenant system, you get a platform for your energy data and energy processes. Acteno EPM is key to long term energy efficiency and energy productivity in an organization. In combination with Acteno energy metering, energy data is being collected and can be filtered through individual locations and units. *** This is the basis for visualization, and of technical and operational optimization in the Acteno EPM. ***

Acteno EPM has a modular design and can be adapted to your specific needs. The platform acts as your central data hub with analyses, reports, dashboards and statistical evaluations. This way you have instant access to your actual energy data and control over the utilized and produced energy.

A quick assessment of the electric qualities of your locations, units, equipment, etc. is available through the easy-to-use analysis options..

Are you responsible for a wide variety of locations? Would you like to compare the electric qualities of the individual units with each other? Would you like to plan efficiency measures and make optimizations to the long term? With Acteno energy performance management, your data will be converted into your key figures. This way you can gain evidence for example for how much energy is being consumed per m² and what the base load is.


We offer specific information on what is happening and answering the following questions:

All present and past occurences at a glance / in sight