The optimal concept for your energy storage application

  • We realize your measurement concept for electricity storage
  • Integration of decentralized generation and consumption
  • Projects in the innovation tender

Intelligently Networked Storage Concepts

Flexibility options and load management are becoming increasingly important due to the fluctuating feed-in of renewable energies.

We implement storage systems for industry, commerce, municipalities, housing associations, and grids in conjunction with intelligent metering concepts to economically utilize storage already today.

Optimal implementation of metering operation and metering concepts with Acteno.


  • Inclusion of storage systems in wind and PV parks
  • Metering concepts for innovation tenders
  • Balancing generation fluctuations
  • Supporting the power gradient
  • Reducing the must-run basis.

In network operation

  • Supporting network operation in peripheral areas
  • Provision of reactive power
  • Avoidance / postponement of network investments

Industrial Applications

  • Limitation of connection power
  • Emergency power functions
  • Diesel Substitution
  • Area network supply
  • Optimization of power supply contracts / inclusion in balancing group management
  • Ramping
  • Island systems for autonomous energy supply
  • Network load minimization / Peak-Shaving
  • Self-consumption optimization
  • Integration into energy trading: price arbitrage
  • System services: primary control power, secondary control power, reactive power
  • Black start capability
  • Reactive power provision
  • Power to Gas
  • Power to Heat