Retail & Chain Stores


Analysis and Monitoring

With easy-to-use analysis options, you can recognize the energy quality of your locations and reduce your own administrative effort. The acteno energy performance management system correlates the collected measurement data with your company-specific key figures.

  • Load profile analysis
  • Base load analysis
  • Time series analysis: Consumption at a glance (time and period-specific determination of consumption values)
  • Performance analysis: benchmarking and comparison of locations
  • Export of reports and measurement data
  • Location-related comparison of data streams (e.g. with regard to the number of square metres, the number of people employed, etc.)
  • Energy efficiency measures: Planning, controlling, monitoring, documenting
  • Analysing the night-time sink: identifying and switching off unnecessary consumers outside of operating hours
  • Alerting: Monitoring threshold values and notification in the event of deviations

All Locations at a Glance

Are you facing administrative and organizational challenges in planning and managing your energy consumption due to the multitude of your locations, receiving energy bills from different network operators in various formats at different times? This is precisely where acteno steps in to establish the necessary transparency as a standard. We not only centrally map all energy consumption but also integrate it with economic information, making savings potentials visible and realizable.

Energy efficiency increases the profitability and sustainability of multiple company locations, especially through centralized energy management that utilizes smart meter data. Our intelligent electricity meters capture consumption data in detail and display it in the acteno EPM system, making the energy consumption of each location transparent and traceable.

As a complete provider in metering operations, we cover all requirements of the Metering Operation Act and offer additional added value. This enables efficient control over energy consumption and costs across all locations, helps identify and reduce unnecessary consumption, and supports planning of efficiency measures based on solid data. Additionally, our services comply with ESG and ISO 50’0001 standards.

  • Standardised metering point operation for all locations
  • Targeted use of our metering solution for visualisation and analysis
  • Mapping of all consumption and delivery points
  • Centralised data provision in standardised formats
  • Efficiencies and savings that benefit the entire organisation
  • One nationwide contact
  • independent of suppliers and network operators