Measurement compliant with calibration law


Measure calibrated – EEG / KWKG / electricity tax

Measure in accordance with calibration law

Whenever electricity is used for billing, special attention to measurement and calibration law is required. This also applies if companies have to differentiate their own consumption and production for reasons of the EEG, KWKG or electricity tax.

Even if you operate your own generation on your site and also supply third parties – such as tenants and suppliers – measurement that complies with calibration law is even more important.

But how can a measurement concept with the associated measurement infrastructure be implemented in complex areas in a cost-effective, legally compliant manner and in line with the changing legal framework?

The BAFA guidelines can provide support here (Information sheet for electricity meters).

acteno is your service provider for comprehensive measurement concepts that are based on standard solutions and also address your individual needs.

Switch now

  1. Commissioning of acteno energy to implement the measuring point operation
  2. We install our intelligent metering system at all your locations as a registering power measurement (rLM) or standard load profile (SLP).
  3. You use our acteno energy performance management (epm) and understand your energy
  4. You get full control over your energy
  5. Ensuring legal and economic obligations in the area of billing and documentation


Our services

With the opening of metering for electricity and gas in 2011, the areas of metering point operation and measurement were completely liberalized. This means that customers (commercial, private, public) can freely choose a measuring point operator and measuring service provider. acteno energy is a measuring point operator and measuring service provider according to §3 MsbG. acteno energy offers independent measuring point operation for industrial and commercial customers.

acteno energy’s measuring point operation is carried out independently nationwide for industry, commerce and EEG customers. Acteno energy replaces the network operator’s previous measuring point operation.

Your advantages

In combination with acteno energy performance management, you receive a powerful tool for overviewing and evaluating all measurement systems across organizations.


Additional information on the state calibration authorities: