Network pooling

The term “pooling” refers to the simultaneous billing of several withdrawal points by the same network user.

The billing-relevant performance peak results from the simultaneous performance of all pooled performance values, in contrast to the withdrawal at each individual withdrawal point.

This leads to a reduction in the power peak used for billing, since this load peak is usually lower than the sum of the individual power peaks per tapping point. Pooling therefore reduces the cost of the annual performance fee to be paid.

Pooling within the meaning of Section 17 Paragraph 2a StromNEV applies:

The definition of the network node arises according to Section 2 No. 11 StromNEV if the spatially limited part of an electricity supply network that is located in a structurally related area and consists of:

Our services for You
Our services for You

Together with our partners, we provide an analysis & Evaluate your network usage at all locations and take care of all processes towards the network operators and BNETZA.

In combination with our smart metering, you also have access to your energy data at any time and can also compare how your network load behaves within and outside the peak load time window.

  1. Analysis and comparison of today’s network usage costs
  2. Installation of acteno smart metering nationwide
  3. Coordination and communication to change billing with the respective network operator
  4. Reporting to control energy billing
  5. Invoice control together with partners
For whom ?
For whom ?

Customers who are now measured and billed individually according to SLP can be combined via pooling to form a virtual point of delivery as rLM measurement and rLM billing. The prerequisite is that the individual measurements are now carried out as rLM.

Customers who have two or more withdrawal points.

Here, the aggregated maximum load is lower or equal to the height of the maximum loads considered individually in total.

  • Commercial
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Properties for general electricity consumption
  • Retail
  • Gastronomy
Legal Basis
Legal Basis

Excerpt from the law – § 17 StromNEV: Link